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EDIX Saddles

Ari Krause with Haven Horsemanship is the Nevada representative, and currently only representative in the western United States, for EDIX Saddles out of the Netherlands

EDIX Saddles provides treeless saddles, soft tree saddles and all of their accessories for pleasure riding, trail riding, endurance riding, western riding, dressage and light jumping.


Why do I LOVE EDIX Saddles?

- The treeless saddles have two parts. The top has rider comfort in mind. The bottom is built with the horse's comfort and physical well-being as its number one priority with built in spinal clearance through a proprietary layering of materials called Multiple Pressure Distribution System (MPDS).

- Many of the EDIX saddles have an interchangeable pommel which allows them to better fit the horse and to accommodate the horse's body changing over time OR for riders that ride more than one horse (like me!).

- EDIX has saddle pads specifically made for their saddles that aid in saddle fit through their inlay and shimming system. Between the interchangeable pommels and the the 8 pocket pad with shims, I've never been so comfortable riding all of the horses on this property (many of which have conformational challenges and/or long standing physical crookedness). I'd even go as far as to speak for the horses and say that THEY haven't been this comfortable while riding in a long time either.

- The EDIX elastic girths are, in my opinion, SUPERB.

For your perusal, there's a brief and an extended introduction to treeless saddles and riding and EDIX Saddles below:

Use the contact form or send an email to request further information, pricing and fitting help. You can see saddles and accessories in the Haven Horsemanship Shop.

HH is creating and distributing videos about the EDIX Saddle System, signs of less than ideal and more ideal saddle fit, initial saddle fitting, and continuous saddle fitting. Links to all videos in the series are below:

Short Introduction

Extended Introduction

012520cantersuspensionangle (2).jpg
EDIX Saddles Pommel Size Chart
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