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Haven Horsemanship

Honoring Horses. Honoring Humans.


Haven Horsemanship is an equine education company located in Washoe Valley, NV. We promote natural horse care, and science-based, holistic training for horses and humans.

We specialize in honoring what horses need to lead a happy and healthy life as well as what humans need to connect with horses and other people in a mutual, harmonious and respectful way. To do this, we educate about equine behavior and psychology, demonstrate how those concepts can be applied in the keeping and handling of horses, and discuss the varied thought and behavior preferences of horses to HONOR HORSES. We also educate about mental and emotional skills, and the varied thought preferences and behavior preferences of people to HONOR HUMANS.

Our mission is to heal the relationship between horses and humans. We pride ourselves on making Haven Horsemanship a safe place for horses and humans to be fully and authentically themselves.

At Haven Horsemanship we take a stand that to have mutually respectful and enjoyable relationships with horses we must both HONOR HORSES and HONOR HUMANS.

Ari has loved horses all of her life, most noticeably since she was two years old when she crawled underneath the belly of a gentled mustang to pet its stomach. Ari spent over a decade in the hunter/jumper world and struck out on her own in 2012. Once on her own, she began experimenting with other ways of keeping and connecting with horses. Her method has evolved to encompass the mental and emotional skills taught in life coaching and Emergenetics, knowledge of equine behavior and psychology, natural horse care, holistic horsemanship and science based horse training. Ari is a Certified Wayfinder Coach, an Emergenetics Certified Associate, is an Affiliated Trainer with the World Bitless Association, and a representative for EDIX Saddles.

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The Herd

Ari's equine family includes Uno, Champ, Major, Tiki, Ciara and Friday. They look forward to meeting you and love participating in equine education sessions, both on the ground and under saddle.

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Haven Horsemanship provides education, consultations, lessons, sessions and Programs and Certifications for natural horse care, and science-based, holistic horsemanship and training for horses and humans. These services can be provided in person (board, training, lessons, internships, etc.) and virtually (online programs and certifications, video coaching, virtual coaching, etc.).

HH is the EDIX Saddles representative for Nevada, and currently the only representative in the western United States.



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