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Haven Horsemanship Programs

Haven Horsemanship Online Programs

I am proud to announce the launch of online educational programs. There is a set of programs and certification levels for professionals and aspiring professionals, who we'll be calling Haven Horsemanship Equine Education Experts or HHE3s, and programs and achievement levels for non-professionals, who we'll be calling Haven Horsemanship Equine Enthusiasts or HHE2s.


I'm stepping up to the plate because I feel that there are holes in what educational and certification programs are currently being offered and missing pieces in the ones that do exist. I am committed to Honoring Horses and Honoring Humans, and I wish to help others that feel passionately about the same things. I aspire to be the difference I want to see in the horse world by providing a path for those that feel the same way that I do.


Haven Horsemanship will be offering the following programs click the link to the program you'd like more info on:

  1. HHE3 Horse Care / HHE2 Horse Care- referred to as NHC, Natural horse care/species specific care for horses 

  2. HHE3 Horse-Human-ship / HHE2 Horse-Human-ship - referred to as HHS, Science-based, holistic horsemanship and horse training

  3. HHE3 Whole Horse-Whole Human / HHE2 Whole Horse-Whole Human - referred to as WHWH, the above programs combined for those that want to be well-rounded horse people and/or professionals

First and foremost, it will be possible to do ALL course work and ALL certification/achievement work virtually. The investment to travel is significant for many of us and I don't want that to be what bars someone from participating or earning their certification. I know that finances can also be an unfair limitation, I am happy to work with those for whom the investment is too significant to see if we can find a way for them to participate and/or earn their certification. 

One of the things I dislike about many educational programs and certifications is their rigidity, everyone goes through the same track, the same way, regardless of their communication and learning preferences, current knowledge level, etc. So FLEXIBILITY is the name of the game here...


There are THREE different tracks, see HHE3 Pricing / HHE2 Pricing for information on cost:

  1. Full course

    1. Self Study - for those that do better studying on their own with the same powerpoints, resource lists, assignments (and feedback on assignments), my notes for each module, one on one check in calls with me, access to an online community of others going through the program. (For Horse-Human-ship and Whole Horse-Whole Human you will do a THREE hour webinar on Emergenetics). You have 1 (ONE) year to complete the course for NHC and HHS and 2 (TWO) years to complete the course for WHWH, but can save all materials for your continued use.

    2. Small Group Classes - for those wishing to learn as part of a cohort. Weekly or bi-monthly webinar classes (loose structure, mainly discussion and information sharing), resource lists, assignments (and feedback on assignments), one on one check in calls with me, access to an online community of others going through the program. Time frame per course will depend on the course and the cohort, but, in general, will take 6 months to a year and a half and you will be able to save all materials for your continued use.

  2. Review - you're pretty sure you know what you're doing, but you'd like to review before beginning certification. Get access to the syllabus, powerpoints, resource lists, assignments and my notes on each module to prepare for certification (For Horse-Human-ship and Whole Horse-Whole Human you will do a THREE hour webinar on Emergenetics). You have access to the materials for 1 (ONE) year on the website, but can save all materials for your continued use.

  3. Certification Only - for the HHE3s, you're already out there doing it! Why pay for an educational program when you can simply prove what you already know and are already doing? (For Horse-Human-ship and Whole Horse-Whole Human you will do a THREE hour webinar on Emergenetics)

There are TWO study options

  1. All study and certification can be done virtually, and I encourage you to do so. I encourage you to focus on getting out there and DOING the work, gaining experience and building your business.

  2. IF you desire in person work, you are welcome to travel here for a weekend or week to study in person as a supplement to your online studies, but that is NOT required in any way, shape or form.

There are FIVE HHE3 Certification levels see HHE3 Certification Requirements for more info:

  1. Affiliated - currently participating in a course or completed course

  2. Recognized - completed a course AND in the process of certification

  3. Fledgling Certified - theoretical knowledge proven

  4. Proficient Certified - practical application proven

  5. Master Certified - broad and lengthy practical application proven

Maintaining certification will be a yearly process of submitting documentation (continued theoretical knowledge and/or practical application knowledge through scenarios, case studies, pictures, videos, etc.) that demonstrates the maintenance of your knowledge level OR further development of your knowledge level. Individuals can up their certification level at this yearly renewal OR at any other time they choose.

There will be numerous Achievement levels for HHE2s, they'll be shared soon here and at HHE2 Achievement Requirements.

Each course is available in two levels,
for enthusiasts or experts.
Professionals: Refer to courses with the code HHE3 which stands for Haven Horsemanship Equine Education Experts 
These courses are eligible for Certification.
Owners: Refer to courses with the code HHE2 which stands for Haven Horsemanship Equine Enthusiasts
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