Haven Horsemanship Modules

Modules from the Haven Horsemanship online programs are available for individual purchase as self study options. Self study gives you access to the module's powerpoint, resource list and PAGES of notes from Ari. Also included is written feedback from Ari on the assignments for the module and email support for a month from date of purchase.

Natural Horse Care (NHC) Modules:

Module 1 - What is NHC? - $29.99

- Traditional Horse Care Benefits and Challenges

- Lauren Fraser's the 3Fs

- Equine Senses

- Equine Enrichment

- Natural Horse Care Benefits and Challenges

Module 2 - Hoofcare, Healthcare and Other Important Topics - $14.99

- Hoofcare: hoof structures and functions, shoes, transitioning to barefoot.

- Healthcare: transitioning diet, health concerns for new arrivals, protocols for vaccinations, worming, dental, injuries, sickness, etc.

- Other Important Topics: blanketing, manure management, fly control, providing reasonable safety.

Module 3 - Setting Up or Rearranging a Property - $49.99

- Permitting and Regulations

- Considerations: current infrastructure and property conditions

- Property Case Studies

- Recommendations

- Selecting Appropriate Materials and Equipment

Module 4 - Running a NHC Business/Property - $49.99

- Managing a Property: daily, weekly and monthly considerations

- Managing a Herd: your safety, know your herd, transitioning new herd members, herd dynamics

Business 1 is $49.99

Starting a Business

- The Practicalities

- Finding Supporting Professionals

- Branding

- Business Plan

- Business Licensing

- Insurance, Waivers, Agreements and Rules

- Website

- Social Media and Marketing

Horse-Human-ship Modules Coming Soon!

Business 2/Interpersonal Skills Module Coming Soon!

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