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Apply for Haven Horsemanship Programs

This unique online program is for those wanting to learn about science based, holistic, horsemanship and training. We offer two levels of each online program:

1. Equine Enthusiasts (Owners)

2. Equine Education Experts (Professionals)

All course and certification work can be done online.

Individual modules are available for purchase, making it simple to complete course work as you please, and only pay for a portion at a time.


Each module includes a presentation, notes and thoughts on each topic. Also included is a resource list to get you started on your own research, and assignments to get you thinking, get you implementing, and get you started!

The application process for our Expert programs consists of.

1. A brief questionnaire, fill it out and submit via email.

2. A one-on-one introduction Zoom call so that YOU can ask ME questions and for us to chat and make sure we'd be a good fit for working together

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