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Haven Horsemanship Equine Education

Online Modules, Programs & Certifications

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Are you feeling disillusioned by 'traditional' horse care practices but don't know where to turn?
Natural care for horses is growing in popularity as it has been shown to solve many health & behavioral challenges that plague horse and rider partnerships. 
In this class, you'll learn about ideal practices for keeping your horses happy and healthy.
Image by Lucie Hošová
This course dives into science based, holistic horsemanship and training by encourage handlers to become aware of their own mental and emotional states, and communication tactics.
With the use of Emergenetics, a psychometric tool, we're able to understand and become aware of ourselves, how we interact with our horses, and how they interact with us.

These unique online programs are for those wanting to learn about science based, holistic, horsemanship and training. 


Individual modules from each program can be purchased from our store. 

Each module includes a presentation, notes and thoughts on each topic, as well as a resource list to get you started on your own research, and assignments to get you thinking, get you implementing, and get you started!

Or, you can apply to take the entire program which allows you to access all modules at once, receive written feedback and interact with your instructor.


We offer two levels of each program:

1. Equine Enthusiasts a.k.a. HHE2

2. Equine Education Experts (Certification Optional) a.k.a HHE3

All course and certification work can be done online.

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