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Are the Horses Calling You? Do you want to learn horse handling and lesson instruction techniques that align with your ethical values?

Accepting applications for our Fall Session from 9/15/24 through 10/13/24.

Haven Horsemanship and Starr Horse Retreats offer the first of its kind, hands-on, natural horse care, and R+ focused horse training and lesson instruction certification.

Email us to reserve your spot!

HH R+ Horse Training Certification

About the Program

There is a growing awareness in the equine world that there is a better way to handle horses than the traditional protocol of using pressure and release.


Our positive reinforcement (R+) horse handling certification program combines the knowledge and application for honoring horses and healing humans into one program. This course dives into science-based, holistic horsemanship training with our Whole Horse, Whole Human program. 

What is Positive Reinforcement (R+)?

R+ is a means to train behaviors without relying on pressure and release methods. It replaces methods of using fear/pain to cause discomfort, with a reward-based approach that motivates the horse to want to do what you want.  

Honoring Horses, Healing Humans

The Whole Horse-Whole Human program is a unique endeavor that covers natural horse care, Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA)  principled horse handling and care, R+ focused training, and lesson instruction, as well as the mental, emotional, and practical skills needed to productively work with horses, work with people, and launch and maintain a business.

For this blended learning, certain online modules are required before the in-person work, while other modules will overlap with your in-person work.​

In-Person Work 

- Two days per week of demonstration and coaching with Ari Krause at Starr Horse Retreats.

- Three days per week of completing experiential assignments with the herd at Starr Horse Retreats.

- Optional day trips to Haven Horsemanship for further coaching and to work with the herd there, who are further along in their work than most of the horses at Starr Horse Retreats. This option is an additional cost.

The online modules and in-person work for four weeks is a total cost of $2499.

No additional cost for lodging at Starr Horse Retreats. Participants will be responsible for their food, and housekeeping.

A $575 deposit is due upon registration to hold your spot. Email us to reserve your spot.






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