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I am asked often about helping to sell treeless saddles and accessories. Short answer is yes!

'm happy to help people sell treeless saddles and accessories of almost any brand.


There are two means that I offer to help people sell their treeless saddles and accessories:


1. Listings: customer retains the items and pays me a flat fee of $75 to list the item and provide fitting consultations for potential buyers. Seller is responsible for sending me specific pictures, communicating with potential buyers, billing the buyer, shipping, etc.


2. Consignment: customer sends me the items. I vet the items to make sure they are at the best they can be for their condition (this includes impression pad testing, perhaps replacing panels, inserts, etc). I take pictures and list the item. I take care of all interactions with buyers, provide a fitting consultation to potential buyers, handle billing, shipping, etc. All items come with a trial and fitting help to ensure that they're a good fit for the customer. I charge between 10-20% for this service depending on the items' value.



I offer these services because I've found that many buyers are more likely to buy through me than a private sale because a third party (me) is supporting the sale through fitting help and/or vetting the item, providing a trial period, etc. This assures buyers that they're going to receive a quality item with support in fitting it to their horse and/or themselves.

If you have a treeless saddle or items that you'd like help selling, feel free to message me.

For more information, please see our new page on Facebook with listings:

TSLC - Treeless Saddle Listings and Consignment

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