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Horse Care

The Haven Horsemanship Natural Horse Care Program covers:

  • what horses need to live as naturally as possible

  • how to set up or revamp your property to include more natural care elements, for example, a track system or paddock paradise

  • how to provide as much natural living as possible within the limitations of your own property or boarding situation

  • the realities of expected routines and obligations, property management and managing a herd, etc.

  • Expert Course: the practicalities of starting/running your own business

Assignments are practical work for:

  • studying and applying natural horse care concepts 

  • planning a future or re-arranging a current property

  • managing a property and herd

  • interacting with others about horse care practices

  • Expert Course: starting your business, creating a business plan, branding, website, social media, educating others, best practices for client relations 

This unique online program is for those wanting to learn about natural horse care. We offer two levels of each online program:

1. Equine Enthusiasts (Owners)

2. Equine Education Experts (Professionals)

All course and certification work can be done online.

Individual modules are available for purchase, making it simple to complete course work as you please, and only pay for a portion at a time.

This complete course consists of 5 modules. There are 4 Modules on Horse Care, Property Setup, Herd Management, Property Management, and more.
Plus 1 Module on Interpersonal Skills and how to keep your sanity in the horse world when you're doing things a bit differently than everyone else.
Please see the syllabus below for more details.


Each module includes a presentation, notes and thoughts on each topic. Also included is a resource list to get you started on your own research, and assignments to get you thinking, get you implementing, and get you started!

Equine Enthusiast

Natural Horse Care Syllabus

Equine Education Expert
Natural Horse Care Syllabus

Each module from our programs is available for purchase.

If at any point you wish to sign up for the full course, please contact us.

Invoiced via PayPal

  • Full Course

    • $249

  • Review Materials - $75

Invoiced via PayPal

  • Full Course

    • $299

  • Review Materials - $99

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