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HHE2 Program Application

You can apply at any time to enroll in the programs and certification. 


Check the HHE2 Pricing page for prices.

The application process consists of:

1. A brief questionnaire, fill it out and return it to me via email 

2. An Introduction Call, a one-on-one Zoom call so that YOU can ask ME questions and for us to chat and make sure we'd be a good fit for working together


I have been so lucky with participants so far. They are a kind, knowledgeable and diverse group dedicated to honoring horses and honoring humans! Here's what some of the HHEEEs wanted to share about their experiences in the Haven Horsemanship programs so far...

"This program is overflowing with knowledge and information that will

greatly improve your horses life, as well as your own!

Your horses will thank you!"

- Abby Reeves

"I've been a part of Haven Horsemanship's program for a little while now,

and have nothing but good things to say about it!!

Not only is Ari literally the most supportive person ever,

she is VERY knowledgeable in what she does.

All of the courses I've taken so far have been very in-depth

and are filled with a TON of good information.

I have learned so much already, and this program is definitely a great one!!"

- MacKenzie Whynott, Bitless and Bareback Equestrian

"The Haven Horsemanship certification program is well laid out

and full of information. Ari provides many relevant resources

to back up her knowledge, as well as personal notes

explaining everything in depth. The course flows well

and is easy to follow, and the self study option is perfect

for anyone with a limited schedule."

- Nicole Sipe, B Top Bar Horsemanship

On the fence about participating?

Below are further details about and syllabuses for the different courses, there is a tremendous amount of information covered and provided. 

2. Horse-Human-ship: 10 modules. 9 on science-based, holistic training for horse and rider, including Emergenetics for horses and humans, mental and emotional skills and skill building for horses and humans, learning theory, science-based training basics and using science-based training from foundational behaviors, to husbandry behaviors, to ground work and ridden work! One on interpersonal skills, meaning how to keep your sanity in the horse world when you're doing things a bit differently ;) Each module includes a PPT, my thoughts on each topic (on average, 20 pages per module, that means hundreds of pages of notes), a resource list to get you started on your own research, and assignments to get you thinking, get you implementing and get you started! Just your Emergenetics profile and the Emergenetics webinar is valued at $600 by Emergenetics International!

3. Whole Horse-Whole Human: combine the two above. 14 modules, 4 on horse care, 9 on science-based, holistic training for horses and humans, and 1 on interpersonal skills.

Haven Horsemanship

Equine Enthusiast

Natural Horse Care Syllabus

Haven Horsemanship

Equine Enthusiast

Horse-Human-ship Syllabus

Haven Horsemanship

Equine Enthusiast

Whole Horse-Whole Human Syllabus

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