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HHE3 Horse Care

Unique educational program and certification for those wanting to have the information they need to begin a natural horse care business of their own!

Are you or your horse disillusioned by traditional horse care practices but don't know where to turn? Natural horse care or species specific care for horses is growing in popularity because it solves many of the health and behavioral challenges that plague horse and rider partnerships.

The program covers:

  • what horses need to live as naturally as possible

  • how to set up or revamp your property to include more natural care elements

  • how to provide as much natural living as possible within the limitations of your own property or boarding situation

  • the practicalities of starting your own business,

  • the realities of getting started, such as expected routines and obligations, building and managing a herd, etc. 


Horse Care is about providing information AND encouraging and supporting you in getting started!


Assignments are practical work for:

  • studying and applying natural horse care concepts 

  • planning a future or re-arranging a current property

  • managing a property and herd

  • starting your business through a business plan, branding, website, social media, educating others and best practices for client relations

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