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HHE3 Horse-Human-ship

Unique educational program and certification on science-based, holistic horse training AND science-based, holistic horsemanship. 

Are you looking for training methods that feel kinder to yourself as well as your equine and human clients? There is a growing awareness in the equine world that there is a kinder way to train horses. At Haven Horsemanship, we also stand for kinder and more effective ways of working with humans. Horse-Human-ship combines the knowledge and application for Honoring Horses and Honoring Humans into one program and certification.

The program includes:

  • a psychometric tool for humans and horses to better understand their problem solving and communication styles

  • mental and emotional skill building for humans and horses

  • learning theory

  • science-based training methods including:

    • shaping plans for foundational behaviors​

    • shaping plans for husbandry behaviors

    • shaping plans for ground work

    • shaping plans for ridden work

Horse-Human-ship is about providing information AND encouraging and supporting you in getting started!


Assignments are practical work for:

  • leveraging your thinking and communicating preferences

  • tailoring your communication appropriately to horse and human clients

  • building mental and emotional skills in yourself

  • coaching both horses and humans in mental and emotional skill building

  • studying and applying learning theory

  • using science based training methods including:

    • creating your own training plans​

    • creating your own shaping plans

    • executing your plans, which means practicing tailoring your sessions to your horse's preferences, reading your horse in the moment, changing your plan as necessary, possibly even scrapping your whole plan and trying a new one! All with support along the way from Ari and your peers in the program.

    • helping clients to create and execute on shaping plans for themselves and their horses.

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