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Whole Horse-Whole Human

For professionals that want to be the whole package for their horse and human clients.

Whole Horse-Whole Human (WHWH) combines the Horse Care and Horse-Human-ship programs into a fully comprehensive program for the professional that wants to create their own natural horse care and science based training and education practice. 

The program includes:

  • the Horse Care course

  • the Horse-Human-ship course

  • consulting and mentoring others on natural care and science based training for horses and humans

WHWH is about providing information AND encouraging and supporting you in getting started!


Assignments are practical work for:

  • studying and applying natural care methods

  • setting up a property

  • managing a property and herd

  • practicalities of starting a business

  • leveraging your thinking and communicating preferences

  • tailoring your communication appropriately to horse and human clients

  • building mental and emotional skills in yourself

  • coaching both horses and humans in mental and emotional skill building

  • studying and applying learning theory 

  • applying science based training methods

  • creating a WHWH property

  • consulting and mentoring others in natural horse care and science based training methods

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