Haven Horsemanship is the US partner for for their Trekker saddle line.


"The TREKKER saddles were developed in co-operation with veterinarians, physiotherapists and professional endurance riders.

ALL TREKKER saddles are fully adaptable, flexible tree saddles that suit most diverse horses and they ALL have these fabulous features:

  • Adjustable pommel width, fits narrow to extra extra wide horses.
  • The riders weight is distributed evenly under the special innovative memory foam panels
  • Plenty of wither and spinal space and leaves the horse's spine free of pressure.
  • Adjustable Seat Size between 16” and 18”
  • Two panels available – standard 45.5cm or short 42.5cm
  • Two stirrup bars on both sides for individual needs
  • Suits horses with big shoulders
  • Plenty of D rings for attaching saddle bags/breastplate etc
  • Stainless Steel Fittings
  • Each saddle has an unique serial number
  • Made in Europe from quality European leather"

From HH:

  • be aware that due to international delays and closures, some items sell out between shipments. If you order an item that ends up being out of stock, Ari will contact you ASAP and you will have the option for a full refund OR to wait until the item is available and will be given an estimated date of availability.
  • HH does keep stock of some items, but others will need to be ordered in from Customs generally takes 2 weeks, sometimes less and sometimes up to a month. Please be patient, Ari will update you as soon as she receives your order and sends it on to you.
  • consider emailing for a fitting consultation. Only items purchased after a fitting consultation and with continued fitting support qualify for a 14 day trial period.
  • The 14 day trial process is:
    1. we decide on your order
    2. I check stock with here and with
    - If everything is in stock, I PayPal invoice you and, as soon as its paid, your order is sent from Nevada or Belgium
    - If everything is NOT in stock, I PayPal invoice you for half to reserve your items on the next shipment and invoice you for the second half plus shipping once the shipment arrives at As soon as it's paid, your order is sent from Belgium.
    3. It usually takes between 2 and 3 weeks to clear customs, but lately it's been closer to 3 weeks. I keep you posted on the package that contains your order as it leaves Belgium, gets to the US, gets to customs, clears customs, gets to me, I send it to you, etc.
    4. When the package arrives here, I separate out your items and send them your way.
    5. You have 14 days from receiving your order to try everything and I'm available for fitting help via phone, email, text, pictures, videos, etc.
    6. If you're thrilled with your items, awesome! Transaction concluded.
    7. If you're not thrilled with an item, you let me know and have it postmarked and on its way back to me by the 14th day. Upon its arrival here in good, lightly used condition, I refund the full cost of the item minus a 10% restocking fee.
    8. If you decide to return the whole order, I refund everything minus shipping and a 10% restocking fee.
    9. Forevermore I am available for fitting help and advice ;) for a full consultation, contact for instructions. The cost is $75.
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