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Holistic Horsemanship and Training

Haven Horsemanship promotes science based, ethical horsemanship and LIMA horse training. Holistic horsemanship means working with the whole horse and the whole human; Honoring both Horses and Humans as a species and as individuals. We focus on addressing and evolving each horse and rider mentally, emotionally and physically, both as individuals and as partners.


Humans and our horses are each a complex and unique combination of our emotions, our thoughts, our beliefs and our behaviors. At Haven Horsemanship, we believe that it is important to address and evolve all of these areas. We do this by applying knowledge of equine behavior and psychology, the mental and emotional skills from life coaching, and the use of a psychometric tool called Emergenetics that captures how we and our horses think, problem solve and communicate and knowledge about operant conditioning, how all living things learn, and the use of positive reinforcement/reward based training as the most humane and effective means of learning.

Haven Horsemanship strongly believes in science-based, LIMA training for horses, which means Honoring Horses as a species and as individuals and knowing and applying the operant conditioning quadrants at appropriate times. According to the humane hierarchy, that means taking a step back and assessing other things first, like the horse's health, living environment, learning history, and any triggers and working to solve them first before trying to train behavior. Only once all of those have been exhausted, do we turn to training behaviors, primarily with positive reinforcement training, the most popular version being clicker training.

Session Options:

  • At Haven Horsemanship with a member of the Haven Herd, private or small group lessons, horse camp days during school breaks for kids and teens.

  • At your location around Reno, Sparks and Carson City. Availability for travel is limited.

  • Virtual Sessions are available for all topics.


  • Internships may be available. Ranging from a weekend, to several weeks, and/or periodical visits. Contact us for more information!

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