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Introduction to Clicker Training

Ari has been experimenting with clicker training for over seven years and has enjoyed success unattainable with traditional methods. In clicker training, your horse first learns to associate the sound of a mechanical click (or another sound, like snapping) with a food reward. The click is then used to pin point desired behavior in your horse and your horse is rewarded for that behavior. Clicker training revitalizes your horse’s curiosity and desire to explore and problem solve.

Ari originally applied clicker training in “problem areas” with horses, but has now diversified her application of clicker training to her day to day work with horses. She has applied clicker training in the following areas:

  • gaining confidence with feet being handled and trimmed

  • first time saddling

  • first time riding

  • gaining confidence under saddle at all gaits

  • gaining confidence on trail rides

  • motivation to go forward and return to the handler

  • trailer loading

  • trust building through obstacles

If you’re interested in clicker training and would like to come and see the method demonstrated, Ari is happy to schedule demonstrations with her own horses, or to come and introduce clicker training to you and your horse.

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