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Edix Alydar Jumping Saddle

Our next impression pad test is the EDIX saddles & bitless bridles Alydar jumping saddle.

The facts... - Alydar - rider is myself (approximately 5'2 and 140 lbs) - Walk, trot, canter and crossrails - EDIX merino GP 8 pocket pad - felt inlays - Top of the picture is front of the saddle, left panel is left side of saddle, right panel is right side of saddle.

The second picture shows the impression pad when we rode with it between the saddle and the saddle pad. This is the best way I can measure the weight distribution capabilities of the saddle itself. You can see excellent spinal clearance and even distribution down the panels.

The third picture is the impression pad after a ride with it between the horse and the saddle pad, which gives us an idea of how the saddle and saddle pad are working together. This are very good results for me and Uno. Typically there's indications of our collective asymmetries, but very little of them here. If I'm being picky, there's a little more weight on the front of the panels than I'd like, so perhaps 3 mesh inlays are best for higher jumps/more intensive jumping.

Uno and I used to compete in the hunters over fences. Previously, I competed to a relatively high level in all three rings with various horses. I spent more than I'd like to admit on custom treed saddles for Uno just for them to already not fit by the time we received them. He's the reason I initially explored treeless! If only we would have had an Alydar back then... not only is he more comfortable in it than any treed jumping saddle we ever tried, but I am also more comfortable and feel more secure than I ever remember feeling in my expensive custom treed saddles.

Fourth picture is our first jump in years and our first jump in an Alydar a few years ago.

I am using Cassy Saddle Impression Pads.

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