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EDIX Saddles Continuous Fitting

And our saddle fitting series is coming to a close... for now ;) In this video, I show updates on 6 of the horses that have needed adjustments to their initial fit. The video covers the 5 things to look for to assess continuous fit and then applies them to the 6 horses shown. Those five things are divided into the "science", things you can see, and the "art", things that you feel: SCIENCE 1) Does your saddle stay in position before and after your ride? - Does it slide backward or forward? 2) Is your saddle balanced back to front before and after your ride? - Does your pommel tip down during your ride? Does it tip up during your ride? 3) Is your saddle even right/left before and after your ride? - is it sliding to one side or the other? 4) Are any sweat/wear marks even on your horse's back and your saddle pad after your ride? ART 5) How does it FEEL for you and your horse? - See the Uno and the Courville GP Saddle System Case Study for ideas: Thank you for joining me and the Haven Herd on this saddle fitting journey. I look forward to helping you with your saddle fitting and EDIX Saddles questions in the future! SHOW LESS

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