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EDIX - Tequiro

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

The facts...

- The Tequiro saddle size large

- rider is large adult (180+ lb) beginner rider on Uno

- Walk (sitting, half seat and posting) for approximately 30 minutes.

- EDIX merino roundskirt 8 pocket pad in the appropriate size for the saddle

- felt full length inlays and felt shims as appropriate for Uno

This is a pretty impressive performance by a treeless saddle system with a heavier rider. You can see that I didn't get the impression pad quite centered or it slipped to the side creating a false hot spot (I don't believe this is actually a place of pressure, rather the impression pad was pressed against Uno's wither), but I'll confirm with further impression pad tests with this horse/rider combination.

This is a situation where I typically recommend the 3 mesh inlays, so we'll also follow up with this pair with the 3 mesh inlays. I'm interested to see if my hunch about the 3 mesh and anecdotal evidence holds true. I believe the 3 mesh to be the most robust inlay on the market for weight distribution and shock absorption and this will be a great test of it!

There is just a LITTLE more pressure on the front of the saddle than I'd like. I hope to see it improved by the 3 mesh.

More impression pad test results to come! Primarily the Tequiro with same heavier adult rider with 3 mesh, with an approximately 100 lb rider, and then my rides in it to compare to the Ghost. Then we'll either do the Tariq or the next non-EDIX saddle. Stay tuned

I am using Christina Cross' impression pads. You can find them at

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