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EDIX Tiamo on Champ

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

The facts...

- The Tiamo kid's saddle

- Child around 50 lbs on Champ

- Walk, sitting trot, posting trot and canter (including some half seat at walk and trot) for approximately 30 minutes.

- EDIX merino western 8 pocket pad in the appropriate size for the saddle

- felt full length inlays and felt shims

Why am I particularly impressed with this test? Champ is asymmetrical. SIGNIFICANTLY asymmetrical. Champ probably fractured his pelvis when he was young. You can see and feel his hip on his left side. You cannot see or feel his hip bone on his right side. This has led to him being .25"-.5" lower all the way down the right side of his back. As you can imagine, that is a saddle fitting nightmare in treed saddles. I know because I tried. In other treeless set ups, it was manageable by having the rider's right stirrup a hole shorter, but was still hard on the rider's back, hips and knees to sit asymmetrically.

With the EDIX merino 8 pocket pad shimmed appropriately down his right side, the saddle sits square. The rider's hips and knees don't have to compensate for his crookedness. Champ doesn't have to compensate for the rider's crookedness due to his crookedness. The rider is much more comfortable. Champ is much more comfortable. Win-win!

More impression pad test results to come! I think that's all for the Tiamo kid's saddle. Next up will be the Tequiro, including my test with it, to compare to the Ghost.

I am using Christina Cross' impression pads. You can find them at

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