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Estimating EDIX Saddles Pommel Size

One of the biggest hurdles I foresaw in helping people to fit an EDIX Saddles system to them and their horse was pommel sizing. Most of the saddle fitting help I am offering has been virtual because the United States is quite a large country! I am familiar with getting wither molds and back molds for the purpose of customizing a treed saddle and/or checking to see if a treed saddle will fit. I got a light bulb. Could I measure the EDIX pommels and find a correlation between measurements on the horses wither from a wither mold and the pommel sizes? It took lots of trial and error, but I think I have. This video has two parts. The first SIX minutes or so will introduce you to the concept of a wither mold, explain the material I'm using, show you where on your horse's wither to make your mold, how to measure the mold, and show you the EDIX pommels measurements. Also make sure to visit: for more information on fitting the EDIX Saddles system to your horse, as well as a downloadable image of the Pommel Sizing Chart. Soon, there will also be a PDF explaining the process outlined in this video that you will find on the same page. The second part of the video shows you the data I have so far to support that the measurements do equate to the pommel sizes by showing the measurements gathered for the herd here and comparing them to the pommels selected for the horses in the Case Study videos. This data includes a horse that a made a mistake in our initial fit on pommel size and that, when I reassessed the pommels on the horse, the measurements actually held true. Pretty cool! Music:

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