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Initial Saddle Fitting Case Studies: Part One

Welcome to the initial saddle fit case studies! If you haven't already seen the introduction to treeless saddle fit and EDIX saddles, please watch that first so that you have the background information you need to better understand these case studies: Also check out the initial case study that kicked off this series that illustrates some of the subtle signs of less than ideal saddle fit and the benefits of more ideal saddle fit: There will be two parts to the initial saddle fit case studies. In this video, part one, I show the initial fitting session for 5 horses: an uphill horse, a horse with a dip in his back, a downhill horse, a flat backed horse, and a horse with significant differences between left and right. It's important to mention that saddle fit is ever evolving. The initial fit may not be quite right. So, I've decided to do at least one "continuous saddle fit" video where I show things to feel for and look for during and after your ride to further assess fit and adjust. I'll be showing how I adjusted the fit for the horses here. Stay tuned for the second part of the case studies and then at least one continuous saddle fit video.

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