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Introduction to Treeless Saddle Fit and EDIX Saddle System

Here is the second video in our series about saddle fit. Make sure to watch the first video, Saddle Fit Case Study: Uno and the EDIX Courville Saddle System at, for some examples of subtle behaviors that could indicate less than ideal saddle fit. This video has two parts. In the first part we look at assessing a saddle's fit to a horse. We look at four examples of general back shape as well as an example of physical differences between the left and right sides of a horse and discuss the saddle fit challenges of each "type". For saddle fit, we specifically discuss saddle balance front to back, pommel angle, and identifying areas of unequal pressure beneath the saddle (saddle balance left and right). In the second part, I introduce you to the EDIX Saddles specific items that help us adjust our saddle to each horse shape: the pommels, saddle pad, saddle pad inlays and shims. This gives you the background information you need for the next two videos in the series: the initial saddle fit case studies! The initial saddle fit case studies will be two videos, each showing the initial fitting session for 5 horses. I will do later updates on how we adjust fit over time. Soon I will do a video about estimating what pommel you need for your horse when you don't have access to the EDIX pommels to try. Stay tuned for more saddle fitting fun! A couple points about this video: 1. I didn't mention it, but, of course, make sure that your horse is standing on level ground and standing as square as possible for your fitting sessions. 2. I apologize for the black pommel pack in some of the pictures and videos, I realized after some of my sessions that they were distracting, but wasn't willing to go back and re-do all of those videos and pictures! Do your best to ignore it and focus on the top of the pommel :) Enjoy!

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