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Trekker - Aussie

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Next up in our impression pad journey, a Trekker Aussie.

The facts... - The Trekker Aussie saddle - rider is myself (approximately 5'2 and 140 lbs) - Walk, trot, canter, and some lateral work for approximately 30 minutes - EDIX merino squareskirt 8 pocket pad in the appropriate size for the saddle - felt full length inlays and felt shims as needed for the horse. - The top of the picture is front of the saddle, left panel is left side of saddle, right panel is right side of saddle.

The first picture is the saddle.

The second picture shows the impression pad when we rode with it between the saddle and the saddle pad. This is the best way I can measure the weight distribution capabilities of the saddle itself. It has hot spots along the edges of the panels, I like that it is consistent all the way around the edges rather than just beneath the rider like some others I've tested. I have found these types of hot spots pretty consistently now with treeless saddles that have external, movable panels.

The third picture is the impression pad after a ride with it between the horse and the saddle pad, which gives us an idea of how the saddle and saddle pad are working together. The impression pad slipped to the right, but that gives us the opportunity to see that the spinal clearance was very good. You can see that this pad and saddle worked together quite well by noticing the clear impression of the saddle panels with barely any deviation along the full length of the panels. Impressive!

This is the only treeless I've tried that has some structure AND feels possible to adjust between horses regularly, especially if you have 8 pocket pads set up for each horse. I find the seat soft and supportive with a decent waist. I'd say that this model with its large thigh blocks feels like it runs small whereas the models without thigh blocks feel more true to size. All the horses I've ridden in it have gone well, even Uno, the most challenging of them all

I am using Christina Cross' impression pads. You can find them at

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