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Natural Horse Care

At Haven Horsemanship, we keep our horses in a variation of a 'paddock paradise' or 'track system'. The idea is to allow domestic horses to live as closely to what they would have in the wild.

We offer tours of our property to those wanting to learn more about natural horse care, herd living, track systems and more, both virtually and in person. 


Ari provides consulting services to horse people who are looking to re-arrange their current property to include more natural care elements OR those who are looking to purchase a new property and want help planning and building out the horse amenities. This can include helping look for the perfect property, property layouts to show how a property could be set up, cost estimates to build out each portion, referrals to contractors to carry out the projects, etc.

  • Virtual consultations are $75/hour

  • In person consultations are $100/hour plus gas

  • Aid in property search for a referral fee

Our horses live a way that encourages:

  • Friends and Social Interaction
    Herd living 24/7 and 365


  • Freedom of Movement
    Horses are only ever contained in smaller areas for health reasons. Hay, shelter, water, and varying terrains are spread out over the property to encourage movement


  • Forage Consistency
    24/7 access to free choice, low NSC, grass hay

The current herd ranges from a yearling orphaned mustang to a 28 year old OTTB, from a 10 hand Welsh pony to an 18 hand mustang/draft. We will be filling a second herd in spring/summer of 2023.


The horses have a track around 5.5 acres.

All horses are barefoot.


In addition to the 24/7 free choice access to low NSC hay, and water stations, each horse receives the appropriate amount of daily ration balancer and salt, etc.

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