Natural Horse Care

At Haven Horsemanship, we keep horses in a variation of a paddock paradise or track system (researched and founded by Jamie Jackson). The idea is to return domestic horses to life as close as we can to what they would have in the wild. This includes:

  • Friends and Social Interaction – our horses live in a herd

  • Freedom of Movement – our horses are only ever contained in small areas for health reasons and hay, shelter, water, rolling areas, etc. are spread out over the property to encourage movement

  • Forage – horses have access 24/7 to free choice low NSC grass hay


We currently have a herd of 11 horses on the property ranging from a 9-year-old 13.3 hand APHA mare to a 16-year-old 18 hand mustang. We currently have 3 mares and 8 geldings in the herd. All horses are barefoot. The horses have ample shelter and 4 acres of modified track system to roam. We have access to endless trails on state park land right out our back gate.


Our full care board includes:

  • Daily Feeding – Free Choice Low NSC Grass Hay

  • Daily Feeding – Ration Balancer

  • Putting On & Removal Fly Mask

  • Management of Routine Visits:

    • Vet

    • Trimmer/farrier

  • Access to Amenities:

    • 84' x 132' Outdoor Arena

    • 30' x 60' Indoor Play Area

    • 60'x90' fenced play area at the back of the property

    • 84'x325' fenced play area at the front of the property, this will become an obstacle area

    • Tack Up Areas

    • Locked Tack Room

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