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RKER-HH Horsemanship Program


Love horses? 

Have you ever wanted to own a horse but don’t have a place to keep it?

Have you ever wondered if you are ready for a horse but not sure if you actually are?

Are you interested in a horse but want to learn with the horse first?

Or do you simply just want time with a horse and want to help out a good cause?

Rockin Kt Equine Redemption and Haven Horsemanship are partnering together to create a horsemanship program! Both organizations are on a mission to help horses and humans. Through the horsemanship program, we hope to educate potential adopters, as well as providing an affordable means for people to learn about and spend time with horses.

There are a couple of "forever" horses in the program, AJ and Peppy, who are seeking sponsors to help support their participation in this program. Having a sponsor for their care helps us keep our lesson fees as low as possible! There will also be adoptable horses in the program, contact us for a full list of horses available.

  • Horses are available for care sponsorship for $250/month. Sponsors receive a gift and can come and groom and spend time with their sponsored horse.

  • Lesson sponsorships include a care sponsorship as well as a lesson per week with their sponsored horse.

  • Private lessons are available for $60/individual lesson or $275 for a package of five lessons.

  • Small group lessons are available for $35/individual lesson or $175 for a package of five lessons.

  • Monthly memberships are available for 1, 2, 3 and 4 lessons per week. Contact us for details!



Come learn about and spend time with horses!

Haven Horsemanship

Palomino Valley, NV

Tel: 775-848-3487

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