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Ghost Puro Plus Second Test

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Our next Ghost Puro Plus impression pad test results! I'm posting this earlier than I had planned because my initial post seemed to concern some Ghost users, which is the opposite of my intentions! I'll post a separate post about why I'm doing these impression pad tests because I have a lot to say about it.

Now, the facts for this one:

1. We rode in an EDIX merino pad with felt inlays. For saddles with panels, make sure your saddle pad inlays and the edges of the panels of the saddle are staggered. If they're overlapped, they can cause pressure points.

2. The impression pad was between the saddle pad and Uno. That means this impression is showing the Ghost panels and structure and the saddle pad working together.

3. We walked, trotted, cantered, and hopped over a few cross rails for 30 minutes.

4. The top of the picture is top of the saddle pad, left panel is left side of the saddle and vice versa.

What I see:

I see much improved weight distribution across the panels and no "hot spots" like there were when the impression pad was between the saddle pad and the saddle. This means the treeless saddle pad is doing its job! I do feel like there is still a concentration of weight beneath me, but it's not too a degree that concerns me. It may also improve with a more robust inlay, like the EDIX 3 mesh. Either I sat more balanced this day, or the saddle pad did a really nice job of evening out my shift to the left when we canter on the right lead. There is less pressure at the back of the saddle at the top of the panels than in the last impression, which I find interesting. I need to ponder on that one.

I am using Christina Cross' impression pads. You can find them at

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