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Initial Saddle Fit Case Studies: Part Two

We continue on our treeless saddle fit journey and EDIX saddle fit journey with part two of the case studies. This video has a bit less variation than the first, but still some interesting cases, including a couple well built horse that don't need any shimming (rare on this property!), as well as a couple of horses with forward girth areas, the horse with the most significant dip in his back on the property, etc. If you haven't already, please watch the Introduction to Treeless Saddle Fit and EDIX Saddles Items at : The first video provides you with the background information you need to get the most out of the case studies videos. Then, watch the first part of the case studies as it shows fitting the EDIX Courville GPS to all of the conformation "types" shown in the Introduction video: Lastly, if you're curious about what some of the more subtle signs of less than ideal saddle fit can be, watch the case study that launched our saddle fit series that compares a certain horse's movement and affect (Uno, shown in this video) with less than ideal saddle fit and more ideal saddle fit: Stay tuned, next up we'll have a video on estimating the pommel size your horse needs when you don't have access to the EDIX pommels and a Continuous Fit video showing how the saddle fit for a few of the horses evolved over the course of our first hand full of rides in response to how the horse seemed to feel and how I felt. Music: SHOW LESS

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